Electrical Services

DM Solutions is a Full Service Electrical Company. From Lighting, to Wiring, Circuit Breakers and everything in-between, we will safely and expertly repair, rewire or install any electrical need in or outside of your home. 

Circuit Breaker (Fuse Box) Installations, Upgrades and Repairs

Electrical panel upgrades can take a couple of hours or span a few days. The scope of the job can vary greatly depending on the age of the panel and the size of the property. Electrical panel repairs should always be done by a licensed electricians.

Lighting Installation

Cabinet lighting, ceiling lights, dimmers, closet lighting, track lighting, outdoor lighting and more. We safely and expertly install all manner of lighting fixtures.

Electrical Wiring

Faulty wiring is still the number one cause of housefires in the United State. It's essential to have a skilled, licensed electrician handle the wiring for your home to ensure proper safety.

Ceiling Fan Installations & Repairs

Whether you are looking to install a new ceiling fan or replace an existing one, we are happy to help. If your current fan hums, wobbles or is just not as beautiful as you'd like it to be, we're happy to repair or replace your fan as needed.

Light Switch & Outlet Installations or Repairs

Whether one of your outlets or switches has stopped working properly, or you need additional switches and outlets throughout your home, DM Solutions is happy to bring functionality back to your home.

Generator Installation

Learn more about our generator installation services here.

Motorized Light Lifts

Tired of pulling out the ladder every time you need to dust or change a lightbulb? Seeing as 164,000 emergency room visits a year are attributed to ladder falls, we don't blame you. Eliminate the need for a ladder by having a motorized lowering system installed on your light fixture or ceiling fan.

Electric Baseboard Heat

Electric baseboard heat is a simply and affordable way to heat your home. Other forms of heating require either fuel line piping or ducts and vents to function. Costs for electric baseboard heat installation vary based on both the size and overall layout of the home. It's common to use electric in one or two rooms that aren't well served by existing heating systems as an affordable way to improve the indoor climate.