Oil & Gas-Fired Boiler Maintenance & Repair

Modern boilers are some of the best products in home heating. While more expensive to install than a furnace, boilers are far more efficient and can last up to twice as long if properly maintained. At DM Solutions, we service, install Navien, Crown, Slantfin brands and repair all manner of residential boilers.

Common Boiler Problems:

It’s common for homes in the Northeast to have boilers that are 15 years or older. Therefore, it's important to understand when a professional is needed for routine maintenance or repairs. These are a few tasks that you will want professional help with:

  • Leaking 
    Boiler leaks are not uncommon. Whether your boiler is experiencing a gas leak or a water leak, you will want to contact a DM Solutions to identify where the leak is coming from and perform the proper repair. Gas leaks, in particular, can be dangerous and must be addressed quickly. Immediately shut off the gas to your house to prevent problems. 
  • No heat
    A dirty or faulty pilot light is one of the main reasons a gas furnace won't start.  If your furnace won't start, it may be because the unit isn't getting any fuel.  Check the gas control valve to make sure  it is on.
  • Boiler not responding to thermostat 
    When a  wired thermostat  does not  communicate with  the boiler, the problem can either be due to a faulty wiring, a damaged component, or an outdated unit. If it is faulty wiring, call a professional. Also try changing the batteries. Dirty thermostat components also can can cause this issue. A bump can throw a non-digital thermostat off and cause setting and temperature  issues as well. For this,  place a level just above the device and make adjustments until it’s level again.
  • Gurgling, banging or whistling noises coming from your boiler 
    Firing up initially, your boiler will make some noise, however, if your boiler is  making unusual gurgling, banging, whistling noises, or vibrating call DM Solutions as soon as possible. This is not a good sign. Boiler noise can be caused by air in the system, a faulty pump, low water pressure or even a build-up of limescale. 

  • Low/high water level  
    Boilers require a certain amount of water to work properly. If the water level drops below the recommended level, it can be a serious safety issue.  You can look for a leak, however don't remove any boiler components. When you realize your boiler is below the recommended water level,  contact DM Solutions LLC for them to address the issue.
  • Low boiler pressure 
    If you have  recently bled your radiators, this could be a cause, or a water leak somewhere in the system.  Low boiler pressure requires no  panic  and is unlikely to cause damage to your boiler. It will, though, effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system, making it harder to keep your house warm as well as costing you more on your energy bills.
  • Radiator faults 
    A common cause of radiator leaks is leaky hoses, but you can have leaks in the radiator itself, as well, which is a bigger issue. Gunk, sludge and other debris can get caught up and will need to be removed. Air in the radiator is also common.
  • Pilot light shutting off 
    This applies to older boilers as newer ones do not have a pilot light. Older boilers often  have a permanent pilot light that has to stay lit in order to light the larger burner within your boiler. If this light keeps going out there could be a faulty thermocouple that is cutting off the gas supply. Also, there could be a deposit build-up or a draught blowing the light out. DM Solutions are trained to resolve this issue.  Newer boilers ignite electronically resolving the pilot light concern.
  • Boiler won't start 
    First see if there is power on  in the home, then check at the breaker box and see if any circuits have tripped. If the boiler  turns on,and then turns off, the pressure might  be low or there may be a  blockage that is affecting  the system.  Call DM Solutions.
  • Boiler breakdown
    Your boiler is generally good for about 12 years, some very well maintained ones will last longer.  Regular maintenance  means you will likely be informed well in advance of an actual breakdown.  Boiler breakdown is an emergency as it means no hot water or heat in your home.
    Signs include: Banging, rapid vibrations and tapping noises, the pilot light will be  orange/yellow in color, when it is supposed to be blue; this will occur on older boilers, elevated water pressure instead of being a steady pressure or leaks that happen either on the boiler itself or the pipes or a boiler that simply doesn't turn on. These are all signs of a boiler breakdown and after turning off the energy source, call DM Solutions LLC. Our technicians will be able to address the installation of a  new boiler.
  • Blocked Air Vents 
    Excessive dirt and debris can block the air vents of the boiler system, which can prevent the boiler from working. Our technicians can remove the blockage and verify that the boiler is still in good working condition.

Yearly Boiler Maintenance

  • Save on boiler repairs – Regular boiler maintenance keeps your repair costs down by catching problems early before they become costly.
  • Ensures insurance coverage and staying under warranty – Most boiler warranties and insurance policies require annual servicing to provide coverage.
  • Catch problems early – Identify any problems and address them before any significant damage occurs. You want to avoid expensive repairs and possible replacement of your boiler system.

Oil fired systems require regular maintenance for fuel filters, nozzle, regular cleaning and combustion analysis.

The Benefits of Regular Home Boiler Maintenance

By investing in regular home boiler maintenance, you will enjoy benefits that extend beyond having a boiler that works as efficiently and effectively as possible. Routine maintenance can help you save you money both on repairs and on operational costs. In addition, these preventative measures will keep your family members safe inside your home. When properly maintained, your residential home boiler can heat your home for years to come. To learn more about the importance of preventative maintenance and to discover how we can help you replace or extend the lifespan of your home boiler, Contact DM Solutions today.