Oil & Gas-Fired Steam Boiler Installation

DM Solutions utilizes the absolute best available heating technology to keep your family (or business) cozy all year round. When selecting a boiler, it is essential to size and select the boiler to the job at hand. Too big or powerful,  or too small or too weak, and you will run unnecessarily high heating bills. Some companies will push bigger, even when it's not better for your unique situation. Our technicians follow the science to ensure that your heating system works for your needs for years to come. 

In-home Boiler Estimates

Selecting the proper boiler for your home requires a proper assessment of the space you're heating. It's important not to get a system that is too weak, or too powerful for your space. Our technician will assess the space and conduct a load calculation to determine what's needed for the home, and we will provide you with options that fit within that range.

High Efficiency systems are more expensive upon installation, however, they can save you thousands of dollars over time. A properly maintained steam boiler can last 10 years. A lot of utility bills go by in the course of 10 years and high efficiency systems do pay for themselves and then some in that time. 

Your options will be clearly laid out and explained to you with no sales pressure to choose one or the other. Our technicians are not trained to upsell. They're trained to serve. 

We also maintain and repair boilers. 

What is difference between furnace and boiler?

A furnace heats air, and then a blower motor moves the warmed air through the home's duct system. On the other hand, a boiler heats water, which then flows through a network of pipes in the home. As the water flows, it generates heat throughout the home. Learn about Furnaces Here.

Boilers on the whole are more efficient than furnaces, however they are more expensive to purchase and install. They are quieter, require less maintenance, and don’t spread allergens or dust the way forced air systems do. However, it can take a while to change the temperature of your home as thermostat adjustments require more time to process. The first time you turn the heat on in the winter may be an hour after you wish you had.

Furnaces are much more affordable to install than boiler systems, and they can’t cause expensive water damage to your home the way a leaking boiler system can. They are better for vacation homes as they don’t have to be winterized to prevent frozen or burst pipes and are easier to install. However they do operate less efficiently, heat the house inconsistently, and can be a struggle for those with allergies as they push air, dust and allergens around.