Oil & Gas-Fired Steam Boiler Maintenance & Repair

One of the advantages of steam boiler systems is their long lifespan. With routine annual maintenance, your steam boiler can last 10 years. 

Most common steam boiler problems:

  • Low Water Levels
    A steam boiler can't function without water. The boiler will shut off when water levels get too low. 
  • Low Water Cut-Off Valve 
    If your boiler were to continue to run without water, it could lead the boiler to overheat and crack. This valve prevents the boiler from starting when it's low, but it can also prevent it from starting again once it's been filled. A reset may be needed. 
  • Water Blockage
    If water collects in the pipes, it can prevent the steam from getting through the system.

Steam Systems:

Our technicians will:

  • Inspect condensate recovery system
  • Test low water cut off
  • Calibrate steam control valves to spec
  • Examine steam pressure
  • Clean & recondition feedwater pumps
  • Inspect condensate trap
  • Drain system and repairs as necessary
  • Clean & inspect combustion chamber

Oil fired systems require regular maintenance for fuel filters, nozzle, regular cleaning and combustion analysis*

When Should You Replace Your Old Boiler?

A steam boiler can last about 10 years with proper maintenance.

Indications your boiler may need a replacement are:

  • System randomly turns itself off.
  • Insulation is missing.
  • Scale build-up and blockages.
  • Noticeable water leaks.
  • Repairs  become more frequent and likely more expensive.

The brands DM Solutions carry are Navien, Crown and Slant Fin Boilers and our licensed technicians are ready to install them.