Oil & Gas-Fired Furnace Installation & Replacement

Improve your comfort, improve your energy and  environment. Modern furnaces are far more efficient then their predecessors, and a replacement furnace can be a very welcome change to the household. 

All houses have different requirements for unit sizes and heating needs to achieve the highest level of performance for that space. 

The technicians at DM Solutions will guide you to the appropriate unit for your needs. 

Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace

  • Getting Older. The average lifespan of a furnace is about 18-20 years. A poorly maintained furnace might only last 10. Depending on the age of your unit, replacement may be more cost effective than repairs. A more efficient unit can save a lot of money on fuel costs. 

  • Loud noises. Some noises can be easily repaired like debris in a blower motor. But it may also be an indication that the unit is failing. 

  • High Energy Bill. If your heating bill jumped up 20% or more, that could mean your furnace system is struggling to maintain heat.

Oil & Gas Furnaces

No matter your fuel needs, we install top quality brands to fit your budget. No matter the model installed, our technician will provide you with detailed instructions for the operation of your furnace and necessary ongoing maintenance.

If you have the option between oil and gas, gas furnaces are by far the more efficient option. Both options have pros and cons. Both gas and oil furnaces do require yearly maintenance for all the components like fuel filter(s), nozzle, combustion analyzation, as well as cleaning the unit. At DM Solutions we specialize in oil to gas conversions.

Our technicians will lay out your options and help you to determine the best furnace for your specific situation. 

A natural gas furnace can also fetch a higher price on the sale of your home. Natural gas furnace would eliminate the need for an oil fuel tank on your property which can save on your homeowners insurance as it lowers the EPA risk when using natutral gas or propane.